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Mahmoud Sous


    Mr. Mahmoud Sous Phd Physiotherapy/back pain has a big experience and expertise in the field started in 1996 graduating with Master of Physical Rehabilitation from faculty of Physical Rehabilitation in Poznan, Poland. In 1999, he went on complete a Ph.D. program concentrating in the "Effectiveness of Kinesiotherapy in the Treatment of Patents with Low Back Pain." His Ph.D. in Physiotherapy helped him to understand, and subsequently explain to patients, the way the body works and responds to injury and painful disorders. Mr. Sous has 16 years of musculoskeletal experience practicing in corporate and private physiotherapy clinics around the world. His fields of expertise are orthopedic and neurology rehabilitation. He uses a broad range of treatments such as soft tissue work, massage, mobilizing, manipulation, ultrasound,acupuncture, stretching to release stiff joints, regain muscular strength and balance, aid healing of strained or sprained muscles and ligaments, and mobilize bound neurological structures.
In addition, Mr. Sous concentration on ergonomic treatment benefits his patients in restoring pain free movements of the body so you can return to your work sport or leisure activities as soon as possible. Mr. Sous is also a very much "hands on" physiotherapist, and a specialist in rehabilitation and injury. His experience has included working with sports injuries, pre and post operative conditions and spinal pain. Furthermore, Mr. Sous has worked for more than 7 years as a professor of physiotherapy. His experience as a professor will benefit patients with his immense knowledge in the field.He has extensive postgraduate training in all areas and has a special interest in back & neck pain.

His post graduate courses include:
- "Conservative management of low back pain a chiropractic approach".
- "Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation"
- Therapeutic massage
- Publication of a book titled "Your Manual in the Prevention and Treatment of Back Pain"
- Languages Spoken: English, Polish, Arabic