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2303. Cinnamon Hearts

2303. Cinnamon Hearts

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Black tea*, cinnamon*, chili flakes*, pink peppercorn*, safflower*, natural essences


 Black tea, cinnamon, chili flakes, pink peppercorn, safflower, and natural essences are all essential ingredients for making cinnamon hearts. This spicy and flavorful treat is a popular candy during Valentine's Day, but it can also be enjoyed all year round. Black tea adds a depth of flavor to the candy, while cinnamon provides a warm and comforting aroma. Chili flakes and pink peppercorn add a spicy kick that balances the sweet flavor of the candy. Safflower provides a pop of color to the candy and also has a mild flavor that complements the other ingredients. Natural essences are used to enhance the flavor and aroma of the candy, giving it a unique and irresistible taste. Overall, these ingredients work together to create a delicious and unforgettable treat that is perfect for sharing with loved ones or enjoying on your own.

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