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2746. 5) Cracked / Dry Heels Treatment

2746. 5) Cracked / Dry Heels Treatment

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Unsightly as they may be, cracked heels are often nothing more than a cosmetic concern. However, there are instances when these seemingly harmless cracks can turn into something more serious. In rare cases, severe cracks can pave the way for an unwelcome guest - an infection known as cellulitis. These heel fissures, caused by hardened and dry skin on the underside of your heel, can be quite the nuisance.

  • Tea Tree Rosemary Lemon Grass bar soap

Ingredients: Saponified palm, coconut.
castor os, sea Duner, gracial chata
rosemary, lerongrass & tea tree
Essential oil

Rosemary, lemongrass, and tea tree combined are tough on dirt, but gentle on your skin.

 How To Use

If you have dry feet soak your feet in the warm water and wash with Tea Tree Rosemary Lemon Grass Bar Soap.

  Dry your feet with a towel and apply hydrating lotion.

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