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2748.1)Dry Scalp Treatment

2748.1)Dry Scalp Treatment

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Are you tired of dealing with the annoying and uncomfortable issue of dry scalp? Well, fret no more! Dry scalp is a pesky condition that plagues many individuals, causing them to suffer from relentless dryness and unbearable itchiness. Not only that, but it can also lead to the dreaded presence of dandruff or unsightly patches of flaky, red skin. But fear not, because there are solutions out there to help you conquer this bothersome problem!

  • Tea Tree Rosemary Lemon Grass Shave & Shampoo Bar Soap

Ingredients: Saponified palm, coconut.
castor os, sea Duner, gracial chata
rosemary, lerongrass & tea tree

Essential oil

Rosemary, lemongrass, and tea tree combined are tough on dirt, but gentle on your skin. This bar is perfect for cleansing, shaving, or even as shampoo!

How To Use

If you have dry scalp wash your hair with Tea Tree Rosemary Lemon Grass Shave & Shampoo Bar Soap.

It helps to moisturize your scalp.

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