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2751.4) Pimples On Scalp Treatment

2751.4) Pimples On Scalp Treatment

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Discover the secrets behind those pesky scalp pimples! Picture this: your scalp, the fertile ground where pimples and breakouts thrive. These unwelcome guests make their grand entrance when a pore or hair follicle becomes a victim of clogging, courtesy of dead skin cells and sebum. But hold onto your hats, because scalp acne is about to unravel its enigmatic complexities!


Prepare to embark on a journey through the four stages of acne manifestation. First, witness the rise of sebum, the notorious oil production that sets the stage for trouble. Next, brace yourself for a buildup of dead skin cells and dirt, patiently waiting to transform hair follicles into ticking time bombs. But that's not all! Amidst this turmoil, inflammation takes center stage, wreaking havoc in the blocked follicles. And just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, here comes the grand finale: an army of acne bacteria marching in, ready to conquer.


But fear not, dear reader! Armed with this newfound knowledge, you hold the key to defeating scalp acne. So go forth, conquer the battle against clogged pores, and reclaim your scalp's radiant glow!

  • Ginger Lime Bar Soap

Ingredients: Saponified alive, coconut. palm oils, ginger & lime essential oils.

A cocktail of bright ginger, and sparkling lime scents combine to take you away to an island getaway, all without leaving your bathroom.

How To Use

If you have pimples on your scalp wash your head with Ginger Lime Bar Soap.

It helps to reduce pimples on the scalp.

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