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1105. FOOT SPA

1105. FOOT SPA

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Model#: MLY-DC0519

Voltage: 220V

Power: 480W

Rate frequency: 50HZ


  1. Automatic heating and heat preservation


The foldable foot massager uses energy-saving PTC heating, which can be effectively controlled to maintain a comfortable water mark on the human body. After it is turned on, it can be adjusted between 38°C, 40°C, 42°C, and 45°C to reach the temperature you set.

The foot spa will automatically maintain a constant temperature, allowing you to enjoy the comfort foot massage spa.

  1. Air wave impact massage

Air waves spray from the bottom of the folding foot massager, impacting the acupuncture points of the feet, which can relieve muscle tension and soft massage, improve the microcirculation of the feet, and promote physical health.

  1. Tai Chi massage

Both sides of the bottom of the folding foot massager are equipped with internal and external reverse rotating massage trays to turn on the massage function, and the feet are placed on the massage trays.

Automatic hand rub foot massage and acupoint massage can fully stimulate the acupuncture points of the feet. Promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, improve health, and improve disease resistance.

  1. External drainage function

The rear end of the foldable foot bath massager is equipped with a drain pipe. After the foot bath is over, open the drain plug. Drain the water automatically.

User's guidance

  1. When using the folding foot bath, please lay the foot bath flat, and then stretch the soft leather in the middle to the maximum position. After it is stretched, you can add water to it. If it is folded, unplug the power and pour the water. Clean, cool down for 10 minutes and press down on the folded soft leather. The folded foot bath is small and convenient, and can be stored.
  2. It is forbidden to use the foldable foot bath without water, add water before using it. [Suitable for home use] When using, put the folding foot bath flat and plug it into a 220V power socket.
  3. It is advisable to add water to half or more of the depth of the bucket during use. It is strictly forbidden to use it without water or dry it with less water. For winter use, it can be directly added to warm water around 38°C.
  4. The operating functions can be selected freely, and the heating and air wave functions of the folding foot bath can be adjusted.


Care and maintenance

  1. After use, clean the water-filled part. Never put the whole machine in water for cleaning. If you want to clean the whole machine, you can add some detergent with a damp cloth to wipe off the surface.
  2. When storing, unplug the power cord from the socket and wrap the power cord on the tripod (the power cord cannot be used for hanging). Store the foot bath in a dry and clean place.
  3. Pay attention to cleaning the filter screen frequently [This operation is suitable for products

with filtered water circulation.

After-sales service and warranty instructions

Please be sure to ask for the warranty card when purchasing this product and fill in the date of purchase on the warranty card, the shop where you purchased it, and carefully read the warranty terms and save it properly.

How to apply for repair

Under warranty

If this product needs to be repaired during the warranty period, please show the warranty card and perform repairs in accordance with the provisions of the warranty. If the product needs to be repaired after the warranty period, if it can still be used after repairing, it will be repaired for a fee as required.

Questions and inquiries

For maintenance-related questions, please consult the retailer of the purchased product or contact our company.


Safety notice

  1. Before use, check whether the foot bath massager is damaged. When using it, make sure to add water to the bucket depth-half or more, and whether the foot bath massager is flat.
  2. After use, please unplug the power cord.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable during use (such as dizziness, headache, etc.), please stop using it. Those who are not sensitive to heat should be used with caution.
  4. This foot massager is not suitable for children or those with inconvenient physical activities to use alone.
  5. Do not stand up to use or deliberately step on the machine, and do not store water on the machine, so as not to damage the parts due to freezing.
  6. It is best not to exceed 15 minutes each time you use the foot massager.
  7. If you use medicine to bath your feet, please wrap it with gauze and put it in the medicine box to prevent the medicine from clogging the filter.
  8. If the power cord or power plug of the foot massager is damaged, please do not use it, and replace it at the manufacturer or the repair department designated by the manufacturer to avoid danger.
  9. During use, if liquid leaks from the appliance, the appliance can no longer be used.

Remember not to pull the power cord to drag the footbath to the bathroom and other

places to drain, so as not to damage the power cord and cause poor contact.

The following people should not use, or use under the guidance of a doctor:

* Foot abscesses, ulcers, skin ruptures, severe wounds; Diabetics and other heat-insensitive persons; Cardiac disorders, neurological hypertension; *Pacemakers and other artificial heart devices implanted in the body; *Women During menstruation or pregnancy; Those with prosthetic limbs or metal and other foreign objects in their lower limbs. For appliances with heating parts that come into contact with the skin, the instructions for use should include the following: The appliance has a heating surface.

People who are not sensitive to heat must pay attention to the appliance.

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