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Voltage: 7.4V

Rated current: 2A

Input parameter: 5V___2A

Maximum speed: 3200r/min

Battery capacity:1800MAH

© Indication

-Pain and spasm due to muscle contusion, sprain and strain

-To help the swelling flow

-Loose and thickened connective tissue and fascia

Reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle

Increase joint mobility

-Eliminate muscle fatigue


-Aneurysm, bleeding, blood thinners

-Heart disease, with pacemaker or defibrillator

-Pregnancy, cancer

-The device cannot be used within 3 inches of internal fixation within 90 days after internal fixation

-Sensitive area head, face, cervical vertebra, spine and vertebral body

-The position of tibia, dorsum of foot, dorsum of hand, etc. near the skeleton with less muscle coverage

Matters needing attention

  • Do not drop or hit the electrical appliance (adapter). If the charger (adapter) case is damaged, please contact the Authorized Service Center for replacement.
  • Do not touch the power cord with wet hands or pull out the charger (adapter) by dragging the power cable.
  • Do not touch the product or charger (adapter) with wet hands to avoid electric short circuit, failure or shock.

© When the charger is caught in the rain, soaked in liquid or seriously damp, please stop using it and contact the Authorized Service Center for replacement.

  • Do not expose the device to high temperatures or around heating devices such as sunshine, heaters, microwaves, ovens or calorifiers. Overheating of the battery can cause explosions.

© Do not disassemble or modify the battery, insert foreign body, or immerse it in water or other liquids, so as to avoid battery leakage, overheating, fire or explosion.

  • Power off the appliance before removing the battery.

Batteries should be disposed of safely.

Warranty service terms:

(1) The product is warranted for one year and the built-in battery is warranted for six months

(2) The warranty starts from the first purchase date of the product.

(3) In case of quality problems requiring warranty, please send this warranty card. The purchase documents and products shall be sent back to the dealer or factory for repair.


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