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Material: ABS+PC

Power: 20W

Voltage: 12V DC

Cycle: 15 Minutes

Function: Air traction, Massage, Heating, Ems

Applicability: lower back pain, Muscle relax


  • Air traction system
  • Infrared Light and Heat Therapy
  • Adjustable temperature level (Low / Middle / High)
  • Vibration Massage
  • Includes one electromagnetic chip
  • Comfortable, ergonomically designed according to body curve
  • Plugs into an AC outlet, and DC inlet to the device



  • The default time for infrared heat therapy is 15 minutes. After 10 minutes rest, press the On/Off button on the control panel again if you need more cycles.
  • In different mode, some buttons for different functions will be locked. Please read

HOW TO OPERATE to get more details.

  • This device is only used for waist.
  • This device should not contact skin directly.
  • Patients with diabetes and hyperthermalgesia should use this device carefully.


  1. Insert the cable into the electrical pulse output port of the device, connect the patch, and remove the protective film to stick the position where it needs massage, such as arms, legs, waist, etc.
  2. Pls stick a protective paper on Electric pulse patch after finishing use, in order to next use.


How to use

1.The base plate must be placed beneath the device

  1. The plate was designed to improve the overall experience when using the traction device on a soft surface, as in a soft bed, couch, or foam-rubber cushion. (See Figure I)

3.You can operate the traction device with or without the plate when the device is placed a hard surface, ie bed or floor.

4.Do not tread on the plate or used for the other purposes.

5.Please adjust the plate according to your personal situation.


  1. Only use the adapter that was supplied with the device.
  2. Do not let the device fall from high places, and do not keep it around sharp objects.
  3. Do not use this product when sleeping.
  4. Do not use other medical electronic devices at the same time, such as pacemakers, heart-lung machines or electrocardiographs as this could be dangerous. If the patient is simultaneously using high frequency surgical equipment or other related equipment, the electrical pulse patches in the device may cause burns or damage the equipment. If the equipment is used near a microwave, the output of the device may become unstable.
  5. Consult your physician before using this device, especially if you are pregnant, have skin sensitivities, heart disease, blood pressure abnormalities, malignant tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, diabe- tes, etc.
  6. Please keep away from children.
  7. When using the electric pulse function, do not move or change the position.


  • Store this device in a moisture-free, dry place when not in use.

Do not wrap the power cord around the device.

  • Do not use the power cord as a handle.
  • Keep away from all solvents and harsh detergents.
  • Unplug the device and allow it to cool before cleaning. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth as needed.
  • Do not submerge the device in water or other liquids.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, brushes, gasoline, kerosene, glass/furniture polish, or paint thinner to clean the massager.


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