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Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ

Power: 120W

Size: 74X140X98mm

G.W: 143.3lbs

N.W: 132.277lbs


Safety Instructions

Notice !

Please read all instructions before use. The massage chair must use a socket that matches the plug. Incorrect grounding will result in electric shock. Please do not change the plug and socket without permission.

In the use of electrical products, in order to reduce the risk of electric shock, burns, or personnel injuries, basic safety precautions shall be observed, including the following:

* Be sure to use the socket that matches the plug

* Make sure the plug is completely plugged into the socket to reduce the risk of short circuits or fire

* Please make sure the plug is removed before use

* Do not use this product under high humidity

* Do not store or use the product outdoors or in direct sunlight

* If there is a sudden power failure during the operation, please switch the switch to the oposition immediately and unplug the plug so as not to damage the product

* Do not operate massage chairs if the wires are wet or damaged

* Please do not use wet hands to insert and remove the plug so as to avoid accidents

* When a child, a handicapped person or an invalid is near a massage chair or using a massage chair, someone must be there

* This product can only be used for purposes described in this manual

* Do not use non supplier supplied parts

* Do not sit or jump on the leg stand so as not to cause damage

Do not attempt to sit on the arm or back so that the massage chairs do not fall and cause accidents

* Do not enter the sleeping state during the massage

* Always keep the massage chair clean and avoid inserting other objects into the gap of the massage chair

* Do not move the massage chair directly by pulling the power cord

* Make sure that there is no other object under the lower leg or back, especially the child

* Please check the seat back, lint and so on before each use. Are there any unusual cracks?.

If abnormal, please do not use and contact the supplier after sales service center

* This product is designed for home use only

  • Consult a physician when you are unsure if you can use a massage chair

* To avoid discomfort or injury caused by the use of this masage chair, please consula

doctor before using this product

A person suffering from malignancy

Suffer from heart disease

A pregnant woman, woman, or period person

A man who needs quiet culture

Being treated

A person with a back disorder or abnormal or distorted cervical spine

* If you feel pain during use, discontinue use immediately. If you are injured during use, seek medical attention immediately

* Do not massage inflamed or inflamed skin

* This product is only for family comfort massage enjoyment, not professional massage medical instruments, therefore, can not replace professional treatment

* It is recommended to use a massage chair for 30 minutes, massage the same position of not more than 10 minutes, otherwise excessive massage will lead to counterproductive effect, and long time use can cause the massage chair overheating and shortening product life

* Do not use this product in gas or oxygen environment

* Children under 18 years of age are not eligible for this product

* WARNING: This product is not intended for those who are physically, mentally handicapped, or inexperienced, unless they have received the guardianship or instruction of the person in charge of the product

* Children should be supervised to make sure they do not play with this massage chair

* If the cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its maintenance

department or similar professional personnel to avoid danger

* Equipment surface heating, heat insensitive people must pay attention to the use


Operating Instructions

  1. Power ON/OFF

Press "©" for 15 minutes automatic massage. The massage rollers and airbags will be opened for full body massage.

  1. Manual

Press manual button, all massages stop, you can manually turn on the corresponding massage according to your needs.

  1. ZERO


I" button to open the zero gravity massage mode.

  1. Strength


and back massage rollers.

-" button to adjust the intensity of neck, shoulder

  1. Soles & Buttocks

Press this button to switch roller massages between: buttocks/thighs, soles buttocks/thighs & soles together.

  1. Sole Speed

Press this button to adjust sole roller massage speed.

  1. Heating

Press this button to open/close back heating function.

  1. Time

Press this button to adjust massage time from 15-30 minutes, each press 5 minutes.

  1. Up & Down


" to adjust reclining angle of massage chair.

  1. Neck & Shoulder Kneading

Press this button for neck and shoulders roller massage, there are two

kneading directions.

  1. Waist Kneading

Press this button for back/waist roller massage, there are two kneading directions.

  1. Strong Mode

In this mode, all massages are opened and massage intensity is turned to highest.

  1. Leisure Mode

In this mode, all massages are opened and massage intensity is turned to lowest.

  1. Sleeping Mode

In this mode, only air squeezing massage is opened and it is on lowest intensity.

  1. Air Auto

Press to open automatic air squeezing massage.

  1. Air: Shoulders & Arms / Head, Thighs & Buttocks / Calves & Feet Press to select air pressure massage on different body parts.
  2. Air Intensity

Press to select air pressure massage intensity.

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