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This special blend of nutrient-rich salts are formulated to relax tired, overworked legs and feet. Moisture and mineral-rich Sea Salt balances skin’s hydration to soothe dry, calloused feet and fight odor-causing bacteria. A potent blend of essential oils fight odor-causing bacteria and soothe tired feet. Classic Epsom Salt relieves sore foot and leg muscles for lasting comfort.

Directions for Use: Sprinkle several tablespoons into warm water for hand or foot soak. Stir to dissolve.

Ingredients: Sea Salt (Mediterranean Dead Sea Salt), Sea Salt (Pacific Sea Salt), Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Dendritic Salt (Sodium Chloride), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Laevo Menthol (Menthol), Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen) Oil, Mentha Spicate (Spearmint) Oil, Eucalyptus Globus (Eucalyptus) Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil.


Research Study

In today's fast-paced world, it's important to take a step back and focus on oneself. One of the best ways to do so is by indulging in a relaxing foot soak. However, not all foot soaks are created equal, and that's where mineral foot therapy soak comes in. This luxurious soak is formulated with sea salt and magnesium sulfate, which offer a host of benefits for the feet, including improved circulation and reduced inflammation. In addition to these benefits, the foot soak is infused with refreshing peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils, which provide a cooling and soothing sensation. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of mineral foot therapy soak, the effects of the essential oils, and how you can incorporate this indulgent treatment into your self-care routine.

Mineral foot therapy soaks with sea salt and magnesium sulfate have been shown to provide numerous benefits for the human body. One study by JW Lund found that soaking in water that contains minerals such as magnesium sulfate can help to relax muscles and reduce stress (Lund). Additionally, mineral soaks can also help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation in the body (Lund). This is because the minerals in the soak are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, where they can have a positive impact on the body's overall health (Lund). Furthermore, mineral foot therapy soaks have been found to be effective in treating various skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema (Lund). The magnesium sulfate in the soak can help to soften and soothe the skin, while the sea salt can help to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells (Lund). Overall, mineral foot therapy soaks with sea salt and magnesium sulfate can provide numerous benefits for the body, including relaxation, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and improved skin health. Works Cited: Lund, JW. "Geothermics." Elsevier, 1996.

Peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils are known for their refreshing effects. These essential oils have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. Peppermint oil has a cooling and soothing effect on the body and is commonly used to relieve headaches and muscle pain (Carvalho et al. 2016). Eucalyptus oil has a fresh and invigorating scent and is often used to relieve respiratory issues such as coughs and congestion (Carvalho et al. 2016). Tea tree oil has a clean and medicinal scent and is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (Carvalho et al. 2016). These essential oils can be used individually or blended together to create a refreshing and energizing aroma. They can be diffused in the air, added to bathwater, or used in massage therapy. Studies have also shown that these oils can have a positive effect on mood and cognitive performance (Carvalho et al. 2016). In conclusion, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils are natural remedies that can provide a refreshing and revitalizing experience for both the mind and body.

Mineral foot therapy soak is a great way to incorporate relaxation and rejuvenation into your self-care routine. According to AS Sanghvi, a health expert from emedihealth.com, this therapy soak has numerous benefits such as improving blood circulation, reducing pain and inflammation, and promoting better sleep. To incorporate this therapy soak into your routine, start by filling a basin with warm water and adding Epsom salt, baking soda, and your desired essential oil. Soak your feet for 20-30 minutes while listening to calming music or reading a book. You can also use this time to meditate or practice deep breathing exercises. This therapy soak can be done once a week or as often as needed. It is important to note that if you have any medical conditions or allergies, you should consult with a healthcare professional before trying this therapy soak. In addition, it is important to stay hydrated before and after the therapy soak to prevent dehydration. By incorporating mineral foot therapy soak into your self-care routine, you can promote relaxation and improve your overall well-being.

In conclusion, the Mineral Foot Therapy Soak with sea salt, magnesium sulphate, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil is an excellent product for foot care. This soak is designed to provide relaxation, relieve tension, and rejuvenate tired feet. The combination of sea salt and magnesium sulphate helps to detoxify and soften the skin while the essential oils provide a refreshing and invigorating sensation. This foot soak is a great way to pamper yourself after a long day or to soothe sore feet. Overall, the Mineral Foot Therapy Soak is a must-have product for those looking for an affordable and effective solution to foot care.

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