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1116. Oil Pressed Machine

1116. Oil Pressed Machine

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Technical Parameters

Voltage: Ac220V/AC110V

Power: 750W

Frequency: 50Hz

Safety precautions

  1. Before turning on power, please make sure that the machine is installed properly.
  2. Such as the power cord damaged or abnormal situation, please contact the company customer service or to the store to replace .Do not disassemble repair.
  3. Before use to remove the dust on the machine and other debris, to ensure that the machine is placed in a stable level.
  4. When the machine is working, it is prohibited to clean the machine surface, it is prohibited hand or sharp objects extends into the feed port, it is prohibited face or eyes close to the slag outlet, to avoid accidents.
  5. Please do not squeeze some shell rough, hard texture of raw materials. Nuclear or with a hard shell material, please send the removed and then pressing, walnuts or other materials such as too large, breaking into small pieces after squeezing.
  6. When the machine is working, it is prohibited to contact the press bore, pressing rod, heating block and other removable components, in order to avoid high temperature burn.
  7. In the disassembly or assembly or transfer of any part of the product before, please be sure to cut off the power supply.
  8. The use of the process, such as abnormal sound, smell, smoke, etc., please immediately cut off and contact with the customer service, do not disassemble the repair, in order to avoid accidents.
  9. The use of the machine to avoid the child close to and play. Prohibit children from using the machine.
  10. Press finish, please unplug the power cord, to ensure the disconnection of the power supply, with a set of special insulation gloves to remove the pressing chamber pressing bar (just press finish, heating block, pressing the press bar temperature is higher, should pay attention to high temperature burns).
  11. The press chamber, pressing rod if not good separation can be installed back to press on inversion, then separation. Before reversing to ensure that the oil has been dripping out of the chamber. General inversion one or two times can be, do not repeatedly reverse.
  12. Products such as the internal temperature is too high over the valve value will be automatically shut down protection, this time the need to cool the product for a period of


  1. This product uses the metal core component, metal components need to run in 10-15 oil cycle, in use before 10 times when not too frequent, it is suggested that a day using a and running in period each time you use the time not too long, to extend the life of the machine.
  2. This product is only need to clean the pressing chamber pressing bar, please press the pressing bar and remove the rear points to leave the cleaning. Body must not be cleaned. It is prohibited to pour water into the feed port.

Basic operation instructions

  1. Turn on the red power switch, the machine automatically enters the preheating, and needs to warm for more than ten minutes before pressing. The machine automatically starts the countdown preheating, the countdown is 8 minutes, and the motor switch can be turned on for pressing only after the countdown is completed.

The first line of the display is the real-time temperature, the second line is the set target temperature, you can press "+" - "to adjust the set target temperature, the third line is the countdown reading, and the countdown display is completed.

The press white sesame can be set at about 220, and other raw materials can be set at

180-220. This machine protects the temperature, so that the maximum temperature of the machine can not exceed 260 degrees, that is, the digital temperature control is set to exceed 260 degrees, and the maximum temperature of the machine can not exceed 260 degrees. There will be some floating deviation between the real-time temperature and the preset temperature, especially shortly after the machine is started, the floating is the normal deviation of the sensor, which will not affect the use of the machine.

  1. Preheat for about 8 minutes or more, before the motor switch can be turned on, at this time the motor begins to run. Motor rocker switch can be down and down, one is the forward direction, a reverse direction.
  2. After the motor is started, the raw material is added for pressing. The machine adopts open hopper, and the feeding can be continued at any time during the pressing process.

4.In the process of pressing, the power switch should be kept in the heating state all the time. Do not turn off the power switch

  1. Press finish, turn off the motor switch, so that the machine stops running. Wait a few minutes, wait for the oil drop in the chamber, and then carry on the next step.
  2. Press after the completion, in order to better cleaning and separating the press bore pressing rod, start the machine reverse function, the motor rocker switch to reverse direction, start the inversion procedure.
  3. Before the reversal, please ensure that the chamber out of the oil mouth of the oil has been dropped, generally reverse 3-5 seconds can be, not too much, too long time reversal.
  4. Do not press irrelevant raw materials, such as excellent foreign body to enter, will cause the card dead phenomenon, this time to close the motor switch, by reversals, pour the reversal of foreign body and remove by pressing the press bore rod separated clean foreign body, cleaned up before the foreign body must not start again press, so as not to damage the machine.

Clean and maintenance


1 when cleaning products, please be sure to disconnect the power supply. Special heat insulation gloves must be worn when removing the pressing bar.

2 cleaning of pressing rod:

- If not urgently can be squeezed from the press bore rod, soaked in water, after a period of time can be easily washed out and wash.

- If the emergency can be squeezed from the press bore rod, supporting the brush to scrub. 3 pressing chamber pressing rod is not isolated, must not be immersed, otherwise it will leave more difficult. Please leave the press bore rod pressing water.

4 outside of the main machine can be used wet wipe, please do not put the whole machine in water or other liquid. Can not be directly washed with water or other liquid body.

5 press after each use should be timely cleaning machine, avoid the impact of the material in the pressing chamber for a long time to avoid the use of carbonization, but also to avoid deterioration of the material due to the residue, the impact of health
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