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Parameter description

Product Name: Cervical Massage Machine

Rated power: 3.7

Automatic timing: about 10 minutes

Charging Voltage: DC5 OV

Net weight of product: 4956

Product efficiency

Relieving muscle fatigue and soreness

Release tension

Promoting physical and mental relaxation

Stimulate the circulation of blood

Reduce fatigue and burnout

Improvement of sub-health status of cervical spine

Usage method

  1. Press the "U" button for 2 seconds. The starting well of massager enters working state.
  2. Circulation point press "M" key, switch mode: kneading + vibration massage, kneading massage, vibration massage.

3.In the kneading massage mode, the circular point press " I/" keys to adjust the strength of kneading, two kinds of massage force free choice; in the pure vibration massage mode, the circular point press " (Il" keys to adjust the vibration massage: continuous vibration massage, tapping vibration massage

  1. Stop using, press the power supply " v" key for 2 seconds and then shut down.
  2. The massager is powered by a built-in lithium battery. If the power is about to be used up or used up, please charge the massager in time and use it again.
  3. When charging, please use this product's matching charging line to check whether the power connection is normally plugged into DC interface for charging.
  4. Voltage may be unstable during charging, and products are prohibited during charging.
  5. It takes about 2 hours to charge. Please unplug the power supply when it is Tuli.
  6. This product includes accessories only for local use, other market accessories can not replace the use of this product accessories.

Statement of Important Safety Matters

Before using this product, please read all the instructions carefully and follow the following instructions

  1. Do not place the product in the bathroom or use it in humid places.
  2. Do not expose massager to direct sunlight or high temperature for a long time.
  3. If the product is handed over to children, persons with physical and mental disabilities or disabled persons for use, it must be carefully accompanied and guided by a guardian.
  4. This product has built-in lithium batteries. When discarding this product, please treat it according to the city's environmental protection.

Use of Battery Charging

  1. Under normal operation, the life of the rechargeable battery is 2500 times of charge and discharge.

2.Long-term use of rechargeable batteries will shorten the battery life. It is recommended to recharge at least once or twice a month.

Warranty service

Dear customers, thank you for your support. The products you purchased are manufactured under strict quality control and standard inspection. This warranty card refers to the maintenance and service provided to customers in accordance with the provisions of the warranty card when the product fails in normal use.

Warranty instructions

  1. From the date of purchase, those who break dow under normal use can enjoy one-year free warranty service. except for man-made damage (such as inappropriate handling of damaged parts) and damage caused by natural damage (such as fire. earthquake, flood, rodent damage, etc.). which does not fall within the scope of this warranty.
  2. Warranty Cardan lost no longer reissued, please take good care of it.
  3. Free warranty service will not be granted due to malfunction caused by improper use of consumers themselves.
  4. If the product fails after the expiration of the warranty period, if the company still has spare parts, it will provide the warranty service, and charge a certain part fee and handling fee at its discretion.
  5. This warranty card is valid only in the territory of the People's Republic of China.

The following are not covered by the warranty

  1. Damage caused by the use of prohibited operations not in accordance with the instructions.
  2. No purchase invoice or receipt, no valid warranty certificate, fake and inferior products.
  3. Return incomplete product packaging, incomplete accessories or user dismantling. self-repair, etc.
  4. Damage caused by man-made factors: such as scratch, immersion. violent impact, etc.
  5. Artificial factors affecting the seller's second sale of products.
  6. The information on the altered warranty card or the warranty card does not correspond to the real thing.
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